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Have you always wanted to learn candle making? Maybe it’s something you’ve dreamt of for years. Then Candle Making 4U is your shortcut to make this dream a reality. I created a supplies list of what you’ll need. See Below. Imagine the fun of experimenting with scents, giving candles as gifts, or even selling candles at the nearest gift shop in your city. Click the button to learn more about everything you’ll need to get started with candle making right away!

Candle Making 4 U

Your brand name here! Learn candle making that’s profitable and fun!

Candle Making Supplies

Getting started tips: Collect decorative elements in nature, and use the essential oils you probably already own. Thrift pots and other houseware supples at second-hand stores. Below are links to three of the best products & wax suppliers.

Turkish Coffee Decanter

EricX Light Beeswax Bars

Candle Science All Natural Soy Wax

An Awesome
Meal Plan

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? A Meal plans that nourishes families and takes care of tummy health. When you realized you just can’t eat like you used to its time for a real plan.

The Perfect Shopping List

Ingredients that work together and are multifunctional foods. Now that’s fresh!

The Best Storage Containers

Stacking and labeling galore! Seeing what you have is the goal and leads to less food waste. Coming soon.

Home Organizing is Essential to Financial Success

I wanted to take control of my eating plan. I knew that I needed a plan to add easy meal planning but the week to my life.

Anton Delgado

The products arrive exactly as pictured and even exceeded my expectations in quality! Set up was easy and only took about 10 minutes to put it together as I put away my groceries.

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